Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Blecca Pregnancy- Grow Baby Grow

this might be hard to make out for you at first, but if you look at the really white part, that is his forearm and hand. then to the left of the white part is his face with his little nose, eyes, and mouth. He is all snuggled in there!
23 weeks when we found out it was a little guy in there!!! I was serioulsy stunned. I was so sure it was a little girl! not the first time I've been wrong and most likely not that last either!
This was back on Mother's Day. I was so happy thinking about how next year I wont be holding my belly I will actually be holding my baby boy.
34 weeks right before my Friends/Family baby shower! it was such a blast. they did one really fun thing where everyone that came decorated a onesie for me. Needless to say I have a LOT of onesies!!
34 weeks in my Nursing Scrubs
26 weeks
21 weeks- POP! he's getting bigger and so am I!
18 weeks of loving in the oven
18 weeks - This was right around Jamie's and David's wedding
13 weeks- the first belly photo

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