Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Blecca Pregnancy- Grow Baby Grow

this might be hard to make out for you at first, but if you look at the really white part, that is his forearm and hand. then to the left of the white part is his face with his little nose, eyes, and mouth. He is all snuggled in there!
23 weeks when we found out it was a little guy in there!!! I was serioulsy stunned. I was so sure it was a little girl! not the first time I've been wrong and most likely not that last either!
This was back on Mother's Day. I was so happy thinking about how next year I wont be holding my belly I will actually be holding my baby boy.
34 weeks right before my Friends/Family baby shower! it was such a blast. they did one really fun thing where everyone that came decorated a onesie for me. Needless to say I have a LOT of onesies!!
34 weeks in my Nursing Scrubs
26 weeks
21 weeks- POP! he's getting bigger and so am I!
18 weeks of loving in the oven
18 weeks - This was right around Jamie's and David's wedding
13 weeks- the first belly photo

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Challis - Fourth of July weekend

rox on the way to challis, she was tired
4th of July parade!

go hunter go!!!



Tori after I helped her get her tooth out!

family auction

saying good bye to my avery girl...leaving for chicago..I'll miss you!
the Rex fam +me

my wonderful parents

benjamin, willard, freeman, lillie, and avery enjoying gumballs in Stanley

me and katie!!!

the boys, blair stop pinching carter!

beautiful women

avery and tavie

me and the blondies

me and Ga (no more pictures!)

Thea Grace

This is our newest niece Thea Grace, old pictures, but we had to show her off

Friday, May 21, 2010

Boxie Roxie

She loves to fetch!! She will start with one toy and go through them all until she is properly worn out. Even all the balls (they are different colors and therefore a different toy)

cutest puppy face with the ears and everything

so little

She love's Blair

not so little anymore

So Blair and I got a puppy back in January while I was studying for the NCLEX. Her name was Daisy and we could tell that she didn't like it, and we didn't like she was renamed to Roxie. She kept me company while Blair was in Montana for a few weeks, and she kept me up all night the night before my big test (I was not so happy about that). Anyway we love her and she's been a blast to have. Here are some pics of her. She is Boxer and Husky mix. She is now 7 months old and about 42lbs.

Monday, May 17, 2010

oregon coast!

yaquina head lighthouse
the view from the top

the staircase...still all original

pretty tough

apparently japanese crabs can be 13ft long...who knew?

the fish are posin for the picture

in Newport at the tide pools, we found lots of starfish, crabs, and anemones

we tried to spin cookies on the sand....darn that stability control

checkin out the sea life

shipwreck off Hammond....close to the goonies!

connie's caddy on the beach (we put new tires on my car, which apparently are wider than my old ones, so when we got all loaded up, they Rubbed! needless to say, Connie let us borrow her car and we showed it the time of it's life!)

giant seaweed

so, last year Blair and I took an amazing trip to the Oregon Coast, so I decided..Hey this should be a Tradition!, so so here is our second annual Oregon coast trip. Jared and Becky drove up to Spokane and went with us. We all had a great time.
spokane-portland-hammond-astoria-seaside-lincoln city-cannon beach-tillamook-newport